The storage method of Gloxinias tubers in zip-lock bags.


The famous Kyiv collector of plants and breeder of Gloxinias Tatiana Visota showed me this storage method of Gloxinias tubers many years ago. If you lay on storage the healthy tubers, it is almost 100% guarantee of safety of the tubers during the winter hibernation and germination of tubers in spring. The main thing it is to follow simple rules and you will never have the problem with storing tubers in winter. 

1) Select the size ofthe bags (depending on size of the tubers); 

zip lock

 2) Mix light sphagnum peat with perlite or vermiculite and wet it a little. The soil should be slightly moist and loose. If it is too wet, the tubers may rot; 





3) Pour in the bag a bit of the peat (2-3cm), put the prepared tuber (remove dead leaves and stem). The part of the tuber where a buds will sprout on spring has to be on top. Sprinkle a layer of peat, the tuber has to be completely covered with the soil; 


4) Close the bag and hang it somewhere at room temperature (I have 20-23°C).




 Paket 2



 I never tried to storage the tubers at a lower temperature . However, if the winter is warm, the gloxinia can wake up in January (as it happened this year). And some of the tubers sleep until April, although all tubers are in the same conditions. It is difficult to say what it depends on. If you want that your gloxinias slept until April, I think you can experiment with a lower temperature;


5) Check the bags periodically , they are transparent and you can see what happens with the tubers. As soon as you see white roots



and green sprout




 (I plant, when it reaches a size of 1-3 cm), gently pull out the tuber (do not pull the sprout) and plant in loose, freshly prepared and nutritious soil.



If you didn't check the tubers in time, such a surprise can expect you;