The plants are sent as follow:

- from France once a month or once every 6 weeks; the date of the next sending will be communicated to you with the confirming email I sent when I receive your order.

France is a member of EU, your package will arrive faster to you (Switzerland is outside EU with a custom to cross)-this is an advantage for EU customers.

- from Switzerland within 2 days after receiving your payment.

No minimum of order asked.

As the Swiss post is quite expensive, I am accumulating the orders and I am sending them from France : an advantage for you as it is lowering the shipping costs.
And as
France is a member of EU, your package will arrive faster to you (Switzerland is outside EU with a custom to cross).

Plants are send everywhere towards Europe (EU or not) and worldwide except in countries where it is illegal to import alive plants (e.g Australia). Thanks to make sure you're within the law before ordering by checking with your local post office in case of doubts.

As soon as I receive your order, I will send you a confirmation email which will contain the postage fees based on the total weight of your plants.

Your postal package will be prepared with care: plants well protected and well-kept packaging. Anyway as soon as your package is in the post office, its shipping remains under the responsibility of the post office and of the buyer.

As I got several complains from customers who received damaged packages, I strongly advice you to take postal insurance when ordering (every option is well described below). This is a free advice from me only as I do not gain money with the post! As soon as your package is with the post, I disclaime all liability if your package arrives with damages. Packages travel at the risks of the buyer.

If your package arrives with damages then please deal with your post office. I won't accept any complaints and do not reimburse for shipping damages (especially if I was advising you to take a Priority shipping).

 As the postal rates might suddendly change - depends on the post - I will update the postage & shipping page accordingly.

Delivery from France to EU:

Weight up to


500 гр


1000 гр


2000 гр


Delivery from France to other countries:

Weight up to

Price zone B

Price zone C

500 гр



1000 гр



2000 гр



5000 гр



Zone B:  Eastern Europe (except EU and Russia), Norway and Maghreb countries.

Zone C: other countries

Delivery within France Colissimo France: 

(The post guarantees: tracking & proof of delivery within 2 working days. Insurance of 23€/kg included in case of loss & damages.)

Weight up to


250 gr


500 gr


750 gr


1000 gr


2000 gr


5000 gr


You can track your box with your number under:

Weight up to

Delivery from Switzerland to EU

Worldwide delivery from Switzerland*

Maxilettre Economy, Usual delivery deadlines are within 4 to 8 days

Maxilettre Priority

Usual delivery deadlines are within 2 to 3 days

Maxilettre Economy Usual delivery deadlines are within 10 to 20 days

Maxilettre Priority

Usual delivery deadlines are within 3 to 5 days

500 gr

9,00 CHF

13,00 CHF

11,00 CHF

18,00 CHF

1000 gr

12,00 CHF

18,00 CHF

17,00 CHF

30,00 CHF

2000 gr

23,00 CHF

30,00 CHF

31,00 CHF

42,00 CHF

The prices are in Swiss francs, the exchange rate can look online at the time of purchase of plants. The shipping is performed immediately after a receiption of a payment.

*except for the countries where it is illegal to import alive plants and except in the former USSR countries not member of EU.

*if You wish to have Your package is insured in case of loss or damage for 150 CHF, you specify this when placing the order, the price: the base rate +6 CHF.

In case you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to contact me at :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.