Bracelet "Meteorite"

This bracelet is made of natural stones for a middle and big wrist.
Sales price: 15,00 €

Nice, unique, handmade bracelet of purple Madagascar agate, Natural Frosted Agate and Czech glass.

Metal hardware is from a safe alloy-tin, zinc, nickel free.

The lenght with clasp is 21.5 cm.

You can also buy an earrings and necklace "Meteorite".

If you buy a kit-necklace, bracelet and earrings I offer you another pair of earrings as a gift. Do your own choice (see «Earrings Gift») and put them into the basket during your shopping.

If this bracelet is not available at the moment, write me a mail and I can make it under your order and your size. If I have all materials in stock I will produce this item in 1-2 days, if I have to order the beads-it can go up to 1 month.

If You wish to obtain more information and photos with product
details, email me at

Precautions: my products have high quality and strong fastening, but do not pull the jewelry, you can break it, do not give it to play to the children-it could be dangerous to their health and life, do not swim in the jewelry -they are not designed for this.It is advisable not to wear under heavy clothing.

The buyer is responsible for any applicable import duties and local taxes. Please verify with your customs before
making your purchase.I will review the shipping cost for each order to find the best solution for each customer.