Tomato "Blue Beauty" (New in the catalogue 2019)

To sale: 10 seeds (harvest 2018)
Sales price: 2,00 €


To sale: 10 seeds (seeds remain viable for 5 years or more)

I use only bio and organic fertilizers and biological products to combat pests and diseases (if necessary) in my garden . No chemistry!!! I am for the health of my family and my garden!

80 days. This recent Brad Gates introduction was selected from a cross between ‘Beauty King’ and a blue tomato. Fruit is a beefsteak type: I would recommend this tomato for fresh salads (to eat with peel), cooking (especially for sauces) and freezing. Weighing up to 200-250gr, the flavor is as good as their outstanding antioxidant content (anthocyanins are natural antioxidants, which is very important in modern world with with an ecological problems and pollution). Gorgeous, deep blue-black shoulders make this unique among slicing types. Excellent potential for market, as the fruit holds well on the vine. 
This is a variety, not a hybrid, so it can be propagated by seeds collected from the largest and ripest fruits.
I grow this variety in greenhouse. The average height of this tomato varies from 1.5 meters and more.
The maximum yield obtained in the formation of a bush of 2-3 stems (depending on the availability of space in the greenhouse and care), as well the tomato plants needs a sun, a periodic feeding and watering. It is necessary to remove all the side shoots during all growing period.  I remove all old leaves at the bottom of the stem as soon as the brush is formed and the fruits begin to ripen. This must be done to maximize the provision of sunlight to the plant and fruits and ventilation of the plants. As soon as the tomatoes start to ripen, the old leafs has fulfilled its function and it must be removed so that it does not pull the nutrient materials on itself and there is no threat of disease.
In my climate I sow the seeds on seedlings in the first decade of March, the plants planted into the greenhouses the first decade of may, because we have return frosts until mid-may. In the case of cold weather, I protect the planted seedlings with a covering material.
This tomato is very beautiful, tasty and healthy, it will be a tomato jewel in your garden!